Brittany Maids, founded in 1986, is a family-owned, independent company.

The company’s founders built Brittany Maids to be the most dependable, highest quality maid service in the Metro Atlanta Area. The management and staff are committed to providing personalized, systematic and professional cleaning services within their service area.

Their proven process allows Britttany Maids to maintain careful control of the quality of their house cleaning services.  They are so certain of the quality, they’ll provide you with a 200% Guarantee:

If you are not reasonably satisfied with a cleaning service, notify Brittany Maids within one business day, and we will reclean within two business days. If your reasonable expectations have not been met, you do not have to pay AND Brittany Maids will write a check equal to your payment to the 501(c)3 charity of your choice.

Brittany Maids is committed to:

  • Hiring highly motivated full-time employees — not independent contractors or temps
  • Providing ongoing training for their employees — to ensure they clean according to specific standards
  • Making certain their employees have the professional equipment they need for each job

How do You Choose a Maid Service?

This is not like any place I’ve worked

“I’ve worked other places where they just give you the address and the supplies and say go. It’s not like that here. They don’t assume everybody knows what to do. They teach everyone exactly how it should be done, so that no matter who goes into the home, it will be cleaned the same way.”


Attention to detail beyond my expectations

“I have been using your Company for about a year or so now … This week the maids went “above and beyond” and I wanted to make sure that I told you how well they did. Vanessa and Alicia had great attention to detail. They not only remembered to sweep the basement hall, but they also reorganized it in a way that makes complete sense. In addition, they cleaned the bread crumbs out of the toaster oven and did an over all great job of cleaning everything.


- Erica E.