Choosing a Maid Service

Who should you choose?

Question Brittany Maids Franchise Companies Non-Franchise Companies Individual  Dispatch Service
Employee or Independent Contractor? Employee Employee Independent
Contractor or Employee
Independent Contractor Independent Contractor
Training? Yes Yes Possibly Self* No*
Property/Liability Insurance? Yes Yes Possibly Unlikely Unlikely
Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Yes Yes Possibly No* No*
Bring equipment? Yes Usually Possibly Possibly Yes
Sanitized cleaning cloths? Yes Possibly Possibly Unknown Unknown
Backup staff in case of illness? Yes Usually Possibly No Yes

*Training, property/liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are provided for company employees — not contractors. Individuals and dispatch services do not have training programs or carry insurance to protect their staff and customers. Third-party bonding only provides coverage in very limited circumstances and is not equivalent to employee liability insurance.

What service frequency?

Choose Weekly Cleaning if:

  • You have a larger home and household
  • A loved one has health issues requiring a healthy, cleaner environment
  • The children are still at home and there is lots of activity

Choose Alternate Weekly Cleaning if:

  • You have a smaller household with less activity
  • There are sections of your home that aren’t used regularly
  • You are comfortable with going a week between cleanings

Choose Monthly Cleaning if:

  • You prefer do the maintenance cleaning yourself but want help with deeper cleaning once a month
  • You travel frequently so there isn’t much regular maintenance required

Generally more frequent service means each cleaning takes less time, so the cost for a weekly cleaning will be lower than the cost of a alternate-weekly or monthly cleaning.

More frequent cleanings give greater flexibility in what is cleaned and where the maids will concentrate their efforts.

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