Why should I do business with Brittany Maids?

Brittany Maids, is a recognized and trusted name in Metro Atlanta. It is incorporated in the state of Georgia and has been operating under Department of Labor laws for 29 years. These laws hold the company accountable to comply with IRS rules for classification of employees. Brittany Maids carries three types of insurance, protecting clients, employees and the company. Employees are required to get a criminal history/background check. New employees must go through specialized one-on-one training with a certified trainer. Employees also receive weekly in-service training.

Is Brittany Maids a franchise?

No, it is a locally owned and operated company. Its founders are involved in the business on a daily basis. Not having to pay franchise fees or follow the franchise-prescribed systems, allows them to personalize their services and pass their savings on to you.

When a team comes to clean, do I need to provide mops, rags, vacuum cleaner, etc.?

Brittany Maids provides everything that will be needed to clean your home. Brittany Maids takes full responsibility for the products they use and their results. If you have a special cleaning product or vacuum that you want them to use, you must first get these approved by their office and sign a release of liability.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. When you hire us, we ask that you sign a Customer Service Agreement. This simply states that you understand and consent to our agreed upon relationship. This agreement is legally binding, so both Brittany Maids and you agree to comply with it. However, either party may cancel it at any time. As long as your house is cleaned to your satisfaction and requirements, you will continue to hire Brittany Maids. As long as Brittany Maids is paid, they will continue to clean your house.

What if something in my home is broken or damaged while the team is cleaning?

Brittany Maids teams are carefully trained to know how to avoid breakage or damage while they clean. However, if something does get damaged, they will inform you immediately if you are home. If not, they will leave a note detailing what happened. They will also alert their management so that Brittany Maids can address the situation with you as soon as possible. If the damage was a result of an accident or a team member’s negligence, Brittany Maids will quickly make a proper repair or provide restitution.

Brittany Maids cannot take responsibility for damage that results because items are not properly secured, hung, installed or put in a reasonably safe place. For example: Heavy mirrors or artwork that is not hung with the appropriate hanger, furniture that is not stable or shelving easily moved when touched. If you have items that are extremely delicate, are very expensive or have deep sentimental value that you want handled with particular care or not at all, please make this clear on your Personalized Service Instructions.

Does someone have to be home when Brittany Maids is scheduled to clean?

No. Brittany Maids knows that you are busy and often away from your home. Cleaning teams are trained to work independently, completing their cleaning without the homeowner present. However, if someone is at home, this is not a problem.

How will Brittany Maids’ staff get into my home?

The best way is to provide Brittany Maids with a house key. Keys are secured in the office and coded. Your home is not identified. Keys are logged in and out by the team that will clean your home on the day of service.

How do you determine how much my cleanings will cost?

The price is determined by the size and condition of your home and how frequently it is cleaned. If Brittany Maids is hired to clean weekly, the price of the individual cleaning is less that if they are hired to come on an alternate-weekly  or monthly basis.

What if I’m not satisfied with the cleaning effort of the team?

Because of Brittany Maids’ commitment to excellence this is rare. However, if it happens, they want to know on the day of the cleaning. If the problem is minor, it can be addressed at the next cleaning or a team can return and redo the area as soon as it can be reasonably scheduled.

What if one of the Brittany Maids’ team gets hurt in my home while it is being cleaning?

You do not hold any responsibility for the staff’s injury. Because Brittany Maids staff members are full time employees and not “independent contractors” or part-time employees, they are covered by Worker’s Comp Insurance. This covers the employee’s injuries and protects you.

Am I responsible for paying any taxes or providing documentation to the IRS or any government agency?

Absolutely not. Since Brittany Maids is a legal employer, these matters are taken care of.

Will I be able to communicate with the team members who come to my house?

Yes, all Brittany Maids employees speak English.

Is there a lockout fee if I don’t make entry possible to a team or cancel a service at the last minute?

Yes. This is discussed with you during the consultation visit. Please notify management of a change at least 2 days in advance so that your cleaning can be rescheduled. Management will work with you in a genuine emergency, however, if a service is cancelled at the last minute for a non-emergency, you will be charged for the cleaning visit. Every effort is made to accommodate their customer’s scheduling needs and the needs of their employees.

What if I need to change my schedule?

Always call the office and speak with the management. The cleaning teams are not responsible for scheduling concerns.

Will I get the same team each time?

You will not have the same team each time, however there will be someone on the team who is familiar with your house. Brittany Maids has found this approach provides them with greater flexibility in meeting your scheduling requests and constraints. Brittany Maids never cancel service because one of their staff is sick or not able to come to work.

How do I modify the regular cleaning instructions or add something to meet a special need?

Call the office and discuss your changes. Brittany Maids extensive experience makes them fully aware that living situations change: A new baby, an empty nest, a new pet, a renovation project, guests or seasonal needs. They know that your cleaning requirements must be adjusted periodically and they are happy to accommodate you.

How do Brittany Maids’ teams handle antiques and collectibles?

They are trained to handle everything in your home with extreme care. They are aware that certain items are especially valuable and may require special care or no cleaning at all. They will follow your personalized instructions.

I have an unusual surface in my home that requires a special cleaner. If I leave it out will the cleaning team use it instead of the typical Brittany Maids cleaner?

If the cleaning chemical or process is pre-approved by the office, a liability release form is signed and the cleaning staff are trained to use it properly, it can be used according to the label instructions, per your direction. Care must be taken to protect both your home and the staff member.

My dog is very friendly. Can he stay in the house while the team is there?

All the Brittany Maids staff members are “pet friendly” and deal with dogs and cats on a daily basis. Because, they do want to maintain a safe environment for both the staff members and your pet, they ask that you be at home the first couple of times they clean. They want to meet your pet and make sure your dog or cat will accept the intrusion into their domain, especially dogs.

Do I need to do anything before a Brittany Maids team comes?

Brittany Maids asks that you put away clutter before they arrive: Pick up scattered clothing, put valuables where they belong, or file bills and papers. This allows their staff to clean your home more thoroughly. If you unload the dishwasher, Brittany Maids will load any dirty dishes, however they will not hand wash any dishes.

When is payment due and how do I pay for my cleaning?

Payment is due on or before the day of cleaning. Checks are the preferred form of payment and can be left for the staff. If you want to use a credit card, you must make arrangements with the office before cleaning is scheduled. Many of our clients request that the service fees be charged automatically to their credit card.  Just ask the office to make arrangement for recurring automatic billing.

How does Brittany Maids make sure my house is cleaned consistently each visit?

Each team has a Route Supervisor who is responsible for the quality of the cleanings on her schedule. Unscheduled on-site visits by the Operations Manager and/or the Training Supervisor provide additional quality assurance.

Can I hire one of your cleaning professionals directly?

No. Our service agreement states that you agree not to hire any past or present Brittany Maids employee, other than through our office, for a period of not less than 2 years from the date that employee last worked for Brittany Maids. If you feel you must hire someone in spite of the service agreement, you will be charged a $2500 referral fee, due in full immediately upon employment or use of a past/present employee, regardless of whether it is regular or contractual employment.

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