Our 200% Guarantee

i_Brittany-Maids-maid-service-teamThe Brittany Maids team is serious about providing consistent, reliable and quality service to every customer who trusts them to care for their home.

Brittany Maids proves this by offering a 200% Guarantee on cleaning services provided.

Brittany Maids guarantees:

  • Your home will be cleaned according to the instructions you provided  during the consultation visit.
  • If you believe the service doesn’t reasonably meet the instructions, notify Brittany Maids within one business day
  • A team will re-clean your home within two business days, according to your initial instructions
  • If your reasonable expectations have not been met after the second cleaning, you will not be asked to pay for the service
  • Brittany Maids will write a check equal to your payment to a confirmed 501(c)(3) charity of your choice.

How to Choose A Maid Service

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