Your Home, Our Workplace

A Residential Services Business is unique in that while the staff that performs the service is considered to be at work while in the residence, it is where you live and is your private domain. This duality of concepts can be a little problematic in perception, especially by the client.

Companies are regulated by governmental agencies, such as the Department of Labor and OSHA, as well as by Federal & State laws and County statutes. They are also regulated in many ways by their very own insurance carriers. To assist in enlightening our customers about those work-place situations, which also exist on our customers’ own jobs outside of a residential setting, we have endeavored to highlight some key points. Also, we wanted to go over some items which would make the process of having a service person in your home a much better experience for both the worker and the customer.

Pets:  One of our Company slogans is “safety first, then do your work”. Please make sure that your pets are secured either in a closed environment or under your control at all times. We never want one of our staff members to be bitten by a pet. We do not hire anyone who is afraid of animals, but please take into consideration that not everyone shares your enthusiasm for your particular pet, especially large dogs. Please don’t let your dog jump up on the staff members or “nuzzle” them. It can be an intimidating and uncomfortable feeling. In the event of a dog bite, it must be reported to the authorities, not to mention that it is the responsibility of the owner for all medical treatment. We care about your pets and we care about our employees. We want an environment which is pleasant and safe for both.

Shoes:  Footwear must be worn by the employees at all times. Both the Labor Department and OSHA, as well as our workers’ comp insurance carrier insist on the staff wearing their shoes. In the past, we have had some clients ask the staff members to remove their shoes. The staff is never allowed to remove their footwear. However, since we already carry an all-purpose cleaner & sanitizer, the staff can clean the bottom of their shoes before they walk through the house, if you wish. We don’t allow them to wear shoe covers either, as they are very slippery and may cause a fall, the number one accident which occurs in a residential setting.

Stepstools & Ladders, etc.:  Since falling is the leading cause of accidents and injuries in the home, the staff members are not allowed, by our insurance carrier, to stand on any implement which will raise them above floor level. That includes, stools, stepladders, chairs, counter tops and the like. We don’t want them falling and breaking anything on themselves, nor falling and breaking anything of the client’s. Therefore, they are not going to be able to reach some high areas.

Unauthorized chemicals:  There are many chemicals sold retail for the home that are very caustic and harmful to humans, pets and the environment. We use neutral ph, eco-friendly and sustainable products, which are people, pet and environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Our staff members are not allowed by our insurance carrier and by OSHA regulations, to use any chemical which has an inhalation warning on the label, especially any chlorinated product or a product with ammonia as an ingredient. For these reasons, the staff members cannot use a customer’s product unless it has passed scrutiny by the Company. It’s not only for the employee’s protection, but also for the protection of the client. We train our staff members very specifically on the correct application of all of their cleaning products. Unfamiliar products can cause unexpected results or damage to both the client’s surfaces and to the employee’s health and well being.

Smoking by the Customer:  We know that smoking is a touchy subject, particularly when it is the client’s own residence. However, it is not only Federal & State laws and county ordinances that dictate a non-smoking environment for employees, but also the Department of Labor and OSHA become involved under this matter as well. A company must provide a workplace which is free of second hand smoke for their employees. Our Company is a smoke-free establishment, whereas no employee is allowed to smoke at any time of the day after they clock-in and until they clock-out at the end of the day, or face termination. This is beneficial for all customers and non-smoking employees as well. Please be mindful of their health and right to work in a smoke free environment when cleaning your residence, and if someone is a smoker in the household, please have them refrain from smoking while the staff is present. It is a known health hazard in itself and some people are allergic to smoke or have asthma.

Dress Code for cleaning: We are referring to how the client is dressed or undressed while the staff is servicing the residence. We have had some clients actually naked or in their underwear when the staff has arrived to clean. Please be mindful of how casually you are attired when they come in to service your residence. We strictly enforce the Company Dress Code policy for our staff members. They are to be properly attired when they are cleaning, and they are always expected to be in Company uniform.

AC & Heating:  During the extreme temperatures of Summer & Winter seasons particularly, it is very much appreciated by the staff members if the home’s temperature is more conducive to physical activity. If it is during the summer months, please adjust your thermostat so that it is not a hot-house environment for them to have to work in. You should set the thermostat to a reasonable level for that day so that they are not too hot to perform their work properly – less than 78 degrees or cooler In the winter months, the recommended setting for comfort and efficiency is 68 degrees, or warmer. Please consider that you would appreciate and expect the same while working at your place of employment.

Valuables, monies & firearms:  Please take precautions when you have any outside service workers in your residence. Be conscientious about leaving certain items unsecured. We hire honest people and conduct background searches on everyone. But let’s not tempt anyone with cash, jewelry, credit cards, checks or other valuables which are easily accessible. Also, if there are guns or ammunition in the house, please have them locked away. We do have law enforcement officials and regular citizens who would fall under this category.

Other issues or concerns: Please tell us if there is anything unusual, special or required in your household for our staff members to be aware of, in order to keep a safe, environmentally friendly and productive workplace, which would enable us to provide the best possible service for you.

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