Don’t Miss a Minute

  • In an instant — they’re bigger, more confident, less reliant.
  • In an instant — he blocked the kick, she scored a goal or danced a perfect routine.
  • In an instant —  she stole the show, he led the team or she finished first.

If you are caught between your desire to witness your child’s triumphs and the pressure of chores at home, call Brittany Maids to handle the cleaning professionally, effectively, safely.

What can Brittany Maids do for you?

A Clean and Healthy Home

“Clean” is so much more than just how things look. Contaminants you can’t see come into your home every time the door is opened.  Standard cleaning agents can add toxins and residue.When you trust your cleaning to Brittany Maids, rest assured that your home will meet your standards and ease your concerns:
  • Carpets and floors are “tumble safe” for children and pets — 99% of particulates are removed using professional vacuums.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized using products that are free of harmful fumes or residues.
Non-toxic cleaning from Brittany Maids

Choosing a Cleaning Service

What are you getting for your money? Price is a consideration but not the only determinant of value. When you get ready to compare maid services, ask these questions too:
  • Are the cleaning agents used in your home safe for your family?
  • Are contaminants from other homes brought to yours because mops and cleaning cloths have not been sanitized between jobs?
  • Do the service providers bring their own equipment and is it professional quality?
Ask for details from the maid services you’re considering. Why choose Brittany Maids?

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