Have Time to do the Things
that Bring Joy

When you find yourself wishing for a little more time…

  • to volunteer for a cause you hold dear
  • to devote to reading or writing for pleasure
  • to spend time with good friends and your family

Leave more room in your life for the things that fill your heart.  Let Brittany Maids take regular house cleaning off your list.

Exactly What You Want, Without Doing it Yourself

The Brittany Maids team is committed to cleaning your home, always using your instructions, on a prearranged schedule
  • The team knows what you want based on instructions you provided during the consultation.  You won’t have to provide direction again and again.
  • An onsite supervisor makes sure the quality of your cleaning service is consistent from visit to visit
  • Your possessions are handled with personalized care, carefully cleaned with environmentally safe cleaning products
Personalized Service Instructions make the difference.

Quality is the Thing

The price may be lower, but is the quality of the service the same?  Ask the right questions to make sure you get the high quality service you expect.
  • Will the company stand behind their work, ensuring that the job is done the way you want it visit after visit?
  • What kind of cleaning products will they use and are they environmentally safe?
  • Does the company have insurance that safeguards your premises and possessions from damage or theft? Are they willing to provide proof?
Brittany Maids 200% Guarantee

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