Have the Energy for What Matters Most

  • Grandchildren grow up before your eyes
  • Dear friends mean so much and chances to spend time together are fleeting
  • Your passion for your favorite cause gives you joy

Having a clean home is one of your priorities, but doing the housework yourself doesn’t have to be. Use your energy and precious time for other things. Brittany Maids will meet your uncompromising standards for a clean, healthier home.

A Clean Home Promotes Your Good Health

When you want clean you don’t mean tidy. You mean getting rid of the things you can’t see that can make you sick. Brittany Maids provides regularly scheduled cleaning services that
  • Keep your house dust-free
  • Sanitize surfaces to remove germs and bacteria
  • Vacuum floors and carpets, removing allergens that can compromise your health
Maid Service on a regular schedule for a healthier home.

Look Beyond the Estimate

Make sure your resources are wisely used. When you compare maid services, ask:
  • Does the company provides proof of insurance: workers’ comp, employee dishonesty insurance and general liability insurance?
  • Does the company hire enough well-trained staff to ensure that your home is cleaned on schedule, according to your specific needs?
  • What happens if you need to reschedule?
  • How will the company make sure what you asked for is actually done?
  • Will the people coming to your home speak English? Are they legal residents?
Why choose Brittany Maids?

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