Why Choose Brittany Maids

What Makes Brittany Maids the Right Maid Service?

Brittany Maids is a local family-owned business with a 32-year history of success in providing high quality maid service.

Prospective employees are carefully screened, including a background check, before they are hired and trained.

Employees receive a minimum of 2.5 hours of training each week. Consistent training expands their knowledge of products, new techniques, equipment, safety and health, and customer service.

Every maid is a full-time employee of Brittany Maids. Each maid is protected by worker’s comp insurance, if injured while on the job.

Brittany Maids maintains General Liability Insurance to protect you against damage if an employee is found to be negligent.

The training, the well-developed cleaning process, and the high quality employees make it possible for Brittany Maids to offer a 200% Guarantee to its customers.

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