Brittany Maids Reviews

From S.S., March 9, 2017
Great job today by Casandra & Lillian. Made counters & furniture really shine. The floor really looked great, too.

From A.D, August 2016

I wanted to let you know that Teknika and Danielle did an exceptional job today! Everything was spotless and they really paid attention to every little detail. My husband and I are incredibly impressed and appreciative. They were also very professional, polite, and kind. Please pass our compliments along, they deserve it!

From C.K., July 2016

On Thursday, July 21, a single Staff member came to service my apartment. I was disappointed because it seems that the job requires 2. I was more than surprised at the work done that day by “Roz,” as I reported in a call to your office after she left. I think that my review needs to be in writing and preferably shared with her. She is the best worker you have ever sent here; she remembered from months before where items were stored, how I like my sheets made and other details. She cleaned as completely and almost as quickly as 2 staff. She was cordial but nose-to-the-grindstone busy until everything was finished-even working around me to clean my desk as I worked. Even when I asked if I could help, she refused. Great work ethic; outstanding attitude and a happy and engaging smile….when she stopped to get paid. A++

From A. Stryker, May 2016

Great job yesterday by the Brittany Maids team! They had a lot on their plate, but still did a great job. And they were very warm and friendly, too. Thank you!

From G.A., May 2016

 I just got home and checked every room. All I can say is thank you so much! Nothing like coming home to a fresh, clean apartment. The bathtub looks amazing (hope I can keep it like that), the baseboards, all the furniture, you even did under the bath & kitchen cabinets, the entryway is always so dirty filled with the grime I track in.

From S.W.
Cawonia and Mykeela came on Tuesday for our bi-weekly cleaning, and they did an excellent job!  Jennifer and Mykeela usually come to my house because they normally work together and they always do an excellent job. This is the second time I have seen Mykeela, but working with a different person. She gets along with everyone it appears, and that is good. Cawonia and Mykeela get along really well too, and also work together well. I always keep my comments sheets with the cleaners’ names on them, and I saw that it was Cawonia who came in December. She had remembered coming to our house, so she knew what to do and knew that my husband was ill. Both of them were so pleasant and so nice, it was a pleasure having them. Cawonia noticed I had some clothes on the bed that I didn’t have time to fold, and she surprised me by neatly folding them . It really helped me with all the things I have going on with my husband.

I really appreciated her doing this, and she was so nice about it. She told me she knows about all of the things I have going on, and really just wanted to help me. Both of them are very good representatives for Brittany Maids and I told them I hope to see them again. I congratulated Cawonia on her promotion, as I noticed she was the supervisor this time. I’m happy she got promoted because she is a good worker, a caring person, and seems to get along well with everyone.

I enjoyed having Cawonia and Mykeela, and I appreciate them doing an excellent job and being so nice & friendly. It makes a big difference when you hire a company to work in your home. Good personalities, and they both seem genuinely caring because they asked about my husband, and Mykeela went in to say “hello” to him like Jennifer always does, which makes him feel good.

From Katie T.
“The maids performed the usual amazing job I am accustomed to! Thank you for running an organization I can trust. Proves to me that you do care and I appreciate that more than you know.”

From Linda R.
“The best people in this business in our area are with Brittany Maids. Great job!”

From Lani T.
“They did such an excellent job. I didn’t know my kids bathroom could get that white. The kitchen is beautiful. I’m going to have you come back regularly. I love it.”

From Angela R.
“I almost didn’t recognize my house. The bathrooms look fabulous, sparkling — they got rid of all the soap scum and all the black mildew that is impossible to reach — miracle workers — thanks so much!”

From Sally F. (Washington, DC)
“I contacted Brittany Maids to arrange a house cleaning as a gift for my daughter-in-law. My son and his wife are thrilled with the way the house looks. They both said the inside of the house sparkles and my son told me that your workers even dusted the walls! Many thanks to you and your wonderful crew for an extraordinary cleaning job.”

From Erica E.
“Just a note of thanks for your excellent services. They had great attention to detail. They not only remembered to sweep the basement hall, they reorganized it in a way that makes complete sense. They cleaned the bread crumbs out of the toaster oven and did a great job of cleaning everything.”

From an Angie’s List customer:
“I’m not a person who needs help keeping the house ‘clean enough’ in genral, but with my husband recuperating from surgery, 4 kids and a cat it was time for help. Even the tops of my canisters on the countertops were cleaned.  We have a 5-bedroom, 3-bath house and these ladies cleaned the whole thing in 2.5 hours. “

From Cedrick T.
“Thank you so much for the professional services rendered to my Mother. Being an only child and having ill parents is difficult, and I can rely on Brittany Maids to ensure that her unit is clean. I appreciate the employees’ professionalism, compassion and understanding. It makes Mother feel good which makes me feel even better.”

From Karen M.
“We are very pleased with the work you did. Our house is clean — more like the job I did when I was able. Thank you so much.”

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