Training ensures that Brittany Maids staff are knowledgeable and customer oriented

New employees are trained and supervised:

  • 40 hours of one-on-one training with a Brittany Maids Training Supervisor, who provides individualized instruction and correction
  • Must pass a detailed test after the 40-hour training period
  • Monitored daily to make sure their work ethic, the quality of their work and their attitude meet Brittany Maids standards
  • Always paired with experienced supervisors when in a home


All employees receive ongoing in-service training and supervision:

  • 2½ hours or more of training spread through out the week covers cleaning products and equipment, cleaning techniques, safety, interpersonal skills and customer service
  • An experienced supervisor leads every team
  • Management staff make unscheduled, on-site visits to check out the quality of employees’ work
  • Customers are able to provide feedback easily and that feedback is shared with the employee

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