Working with Brittany Maids

You can be confident that Brittany Maids will:

    • Consistently clean your home to your specifications
    • Maintain the agreed upon schedule you requested at the consultation
    • Arrive within the specified time frame, clean efficiently and be on their way, so you can get on with your life
    • Use the professional equipment appropriate for each job
    • Use carefully selected cleaning agents that are safe for your home, your family and your pets
    • Send well-trained, professional, uniformed teams to your home who are aware of your individualized needs.
    As a responsible client, Brittany Maids requests that you:

  • Respect the pre-arranged schedule.  Please notify Brittany Maids two days in advance if an emergency arises and you must re-schedule.
  • Respect the team that cleans your home by treating them fairly and understanding that there are some things they cannot safely do for you.
  • Provide Brittany Maids with feedback so they can make sure they continue to provide satisfactory service to you.  Use the form you receive each visit or give feedback online.
  • Pay Brittany Maids on or before the day of service. Payment by check is preferred.

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